What are people saying about it all?

Albert Thompson (CEO), DrivenIQ

Dominique is by far one of the best leaders operationally. Her ability to lead teams, manage initiatives and implement with targeted precision is second to none. Her leadership in customer client experience working within a Fortune 500 company has been proven time and again.

She leads with a servant-based mindset and a spirit of humility. This gives her a magical dust that many leaders wish they could attain, but it is natural with Dominique. This is why she excels in growing ops-based teams, building workflows, and operational logistics.

Shelley McDuffie (Owner), 

Quad Creation

"For a long time I wanted someone on the Quad Creations team that is idea driven, innovative, creative, not afraid of hard work and who was not intimidated, or ran at the first sight of several businesses and projects under our business umbrella.

Dom (LEAP Strategic Partners) captured the essence of what I'd built up over the years and offered insight for today's methods and trends of developing and growing a business.

From something as complex as a long-awaited marketing campaign for my product platform, revising ebooks, to something as simple as an eyecatching signature block and so much more she brought valuable skills and knowledge much to our delight!

I would highly recommend and refer Dom as a thorough and professional business management partner!

John Baldwin

"Not a day went by where I wasn't impressed with the leadership she brought to her role and the team she oversaw. Her organizational skills and eye on process fulfillment is best-in-class. This instilled a strong sense of trust and confidence in both her direct reports and clients.

No matter the circumstance, fires included, she remained focused, poised, and competently prepared to rectify the issue. What more can you ask?"


Louis Thomas (President),

PowerFest Inc

"Leap has been a great help with my non-profit and for-profit business. Dominique is very hands-on and knowledgeable. I'm not so good when it comes to paperwork, LEAP keeps me organized and up to date. I recommend LEAP to any nonprofit or for-profit business.